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Originally Posted by CajunBass
Actually in my experience commercial LRN bullets seem to be pretty soft. They don't lead barrels because they're not being pushed very hard.
That's my experience too. Generally those bullets are just about pure dead-soft lead. They don't get pushed very hard, so they're okay for general pistol work. They generally don't lead barrels if the pistol is set up correctly. With lead bullets, fit is everything and you don't need to worry about hardness if they fit correctly and you're not pushing them too fast. When you get into the higher ranges of speed and pressure, fit becomes extremely important, as does lubrication and hardness.

I'm not a fan of LRN bullets except in very limited circumstances. However, I shoot a lot of Keith-type, semi-wadcutter, and wide meplat bullets. When you consider that jacketed bullets were invented in the late 1800s, everything prior to that was lead bullets and simple lead bullets had killed everything on the planet.
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