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Confirm/Deny my ammo conspiracy theory!

Apologies for you political types, this conspiracy theory is not related to the big, evil government.

It's about Black Hills Ammunition. I'm hoping you can add your actual experience, and any experience from those in your circle of family, friends and shootin' buddies.

The question: Do you buy Black Hills branded ammunition?
Why I have a conspiracy theory: I read a lot of gun magazines, and there's a lot of their ads (no surprise) but there's a lot of their product being used in gun reviews and features, testing, "shoot outs" etc etc etc.

Why I'm wondering if there's a conspiracy: Personally, I rarely see the stuff for sale at any of the LGS's, I don't see a heap of it slathered all over tables at the gun shows and I never, and I mean never see empty boxes of it at the range. -NEVER.-

See all the Wal-Mart brands, obviously, and see all the common low-buck stuff. Blazer Brass, American Eagle, Fiocchi, Magtech, Selor & Beliot, Aguila, WWB, Rem-UMC, the occasional Lawman, plenty of Wolf, the oddball steel case stuff in differing names (RWS, Herter's, Tula), plenty of the aluminum Blazer, some of the green/yellow Remington, some different flavors of Hornady, too. You know what I'm talking about... I see all the low priced range fodder that YOU also see.

Sure, there's the occasional box from some high dollar defense ammo when someone has tested a gun they'll employ for defense.

But I can't sit here and tell you that I ever see Black Hills ammo being consumed or remnants of it at any of the indoor or outdoor ranges I frequent.

So my conspiracy theory is that they are doing well and making a decent product, but they are funneling a massive amount of it for low bucks (or free?) to gun writers, and it's making the product seem more mainstream than I've found it to be.

Of course, I only shoot in my little area, and a few times a year, I travel 200+ miles north and I shoot up there, too. But the story is the same in both places. I don't see much for sale, and I never, ever see it used at the range or in trash cans.

Your experience can help me decide if this product has a good market share, or if it's smoke & mirrors.
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