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Trade Spikes Mid Lenght Upper for Olympic Arms Match target upper?

Hello all. Earlier in the week I posted about trading my spikes tactical for a PTR91. Now, I had my rifle posted for trade for another varmint rifle, only in AR format. I have a guy wanting to trade me my Spikes mid length upper for a Olympic arms target match upper. He wanted to trade the whole rifle but I would rather have the upper only and keep my lower. I am having very little luck finding any GOOD SOLID information on this rifle. All the reviews are many years old. And most will slam Oly arms. That being said I also see that the rifles are uber accurate. So what gives? I am a hunter. Have always had an AR (or two or three) but have never really got into them. Now, I want a functional (for me) gun. A coyote and prairie dog killer. Any thoughts? I always appreciate the opinions on this forum. I am and indecisive person. So you all always help.

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