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2008---Gun owners/reloaders got their underwear all in a bunch over the incoming president, coupled with the military rebuilding low stocks. Shelves were empty for some time. However, the new president didn't even sniff at gun control.

2013---Gun owners get their underwear all in a bunch over the same president being re-elected, even though nothing happened in his first term. Shelves started going bare in August, after the polls started showing that Romney probably couldn't win. Sandy Hook happened, and some politicians are talking about 1)stronger background checks 2)limited magazines 3)proposed assualt weapon bans 4)Mental health 5)research on gun violence. Reloading components disappeared as if by magic. Assault style weapons were being purchased by people that had never owned a gun.

Nowhere do I see anything about ammunition bans, component bans, consfiscation of firearms, nor does it look possible that anything significant will even happen. Yet there are those that predict that soon we will not even be able to buy reloading supplies.

In a year, when this has blown over, will we have learned anything?
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