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Originally Posted by Apom
I'm all for background checks. I have no criminal background. I do not plan to commit any crimes in the future.

Mandatory background checks on all purchases would save lives. If this was not the case..then the current laws governing machine guns would not work..and schools, malls, and movie theaters would have higher casualty rates because the shooters would be using machine guns.
You realize of course that in Virginia Tech, Aurora, and the Giffords shooting, all of the shooters purchased their firearms through an FFL and underwent a background check?

Second, you should be reading the actual text of these bills. The current bill proposed by Schumer would make you a criminal if you left home for two weeks and asked someone to housesit. It would allow you to give your brother a firearm but make you both a felon if he loans you one to hunt on your own land. It is chock full of ways for law-abiding citizens such as yourself to easily become criminals - and not just criminals; but felons who are denied any rights to own firearms. The bill is so extreme that even NRA F-rated Mark Kirk backed out of sponsoring it.

Also, mandatory background checks under the current system are the same as firearms registration. You are giving the same people who ate telling you they want to take away your guns a list of what guns you own? How is that going to end when there is another mass shooting not prevented by a background check?

Finally, I believe your logic regarding machineguns is flawed. Long guns of any type account for around 400 homicides a year - semi-auto long guns, despite being widespread, are almost never used in homicides. Machineguns are relatively rare and expensive. Given how rarely long guns are used at all in crime, it shouldn't be a shock it rarely happens (though Dorner did use several registered NFA weapons in his rampage).
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