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model 69 or new marlin 60 or mossberg model 42

i seem to have an addiction to .22's lately but my self set gun budget is maxed, or almost. one more. i promise. a local gun dealer has a winchester model 69a with a scope in what i consider good condition for 169. wal mart has a brand new marlin model 60 for 167. my stepdad has an old mossberg model 42 military training rifle in very good shape for around 175. i doubt it's military credentials based on the fact that it has no serial number and it's condition but it's the same rifle. i will be buying one of them but i can't decide. i have an older glenfield already that's nice and i lopve it but i really like the look of the new 60's. the mossberg grabs me because of the alternate sights and the fact that it's very old and in very good shape. the winchester looks very nice and well, it's a winchester. any opinions?
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