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CMP Service Grade OK for competition?

After the initial panic of Obama's threats to our Constitution and the long delays in CMP filling my M1 order, I've had some time to think things over.

I ordered a Service Grade M1, mainly because I just wanted one, but now I'm considering competing. The Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association holds high power and service rifle matches at Van Meter, near Des Moines, the scene of many glorious IA Nat Gd matches for me. I've actually sucessfully competed against the people I see on the match bulletins in air gun venues.

I'd like to shoot in a venue that allows minimum special equipment. My ambitions are modest. I only plan to shoot in Iowa or adjacent states. Not planning on CP Perry.

I'm already a pretty good shot and have competed in military combat matches with the M16A1 and M16A2 to 300m. I think the match results I saw said they shot at 200m or yds.

Will the Service Grade be adequate or should I call CMP and spend another $375 for a Special Grade? The Special Grade has a Criterion barrel, new furniture and a CMP Special Grade cartouche, perhaps to say its not original GI. I believe the Service Grade is all GI.

Also, I note some M1's are avail in 7.62. Given match ammo for both, which is the best caliber for competition? Would a 7.62 Criterion barrel put my rifle in a class I don't want to be in? I would prefer to shoot GI.


Des Moines
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