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Topics like this weird me out a bit. Here we are talking about middle ground on an unalienable right which has already been infringed upon. Those infringements have not improve the public's safety to they level implied, promised or desired by some.
The present administration refuses to enforce present US gun laws while shilling for more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. Then there is that tawdry gun running affair by the present administration.

Been doing this stuff since 1968. i have never seen gunowners so divided. Its nearly impossible to recruit gunowners to do anything to protect our gun rights. We have gunowners actually demanding more gun control. Folks are eaten up with the "me" aspect of gun control: "I have mine and it will be grand fathered". Ask the folks in NJ about grand fathered "assault weapons".

Was living in WV at the time NJ residents were required to turn in their newly outlawed guns or get them out of the state. i still have guns a friend brought to WV for safekeeping. He passed away and NJ still has an "assault weapons" ban.

Gunowners need to wake up and realize the anti-gunners in the US congress are also anti-self defense and, for the most part, anti-hunting. Despite the cheap rhetoric about "common sense" gun control and their grudging acknowledgement by some of our Second Amendment rights; they will not rest until all our guns are confiscated.
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