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M&P 9c: First Time Out

Hi all,
Tonight was my first time shooting the M&P 9c. I got to the range right at sunset so I wasn't expecting much in terms of accuracy, mostly was just a function check. The pistol cycled all 50 rds of Federal Champion without issue, well mostly (more later). While the pistol doesn't feel as good in my hand as other pistols, XDm or HK, I find it points very naturally. I was surprised to find myself shooting ragged holes at 10 yards when I couldn't really make out more than the silhouette. Honestly the accuracy was very impressive. I find I shoot it better than my XDm and this is with the M&P completely stock. In fact the trigger is actually decent. It's a good 6 lbs with a lot of overtravel, but no grit and I think it's fine for a CCW or service pistol. I am in no hurry to do an APEX trigger kit. The firearm also recovers quickly and shooting with speed is a breeze, despite it's relatively light weight. I like the magazine with the extension a bit more, but I notice no loss in control or accuracy with the flush mag (can get my pinky half on). The mag springs were super stiff. I ended up going with the small backstrap and it seems to work fine.

Now to the not so great but not bad news. Ejection. Ejection was interesting. A lot to the chest, a lot bouncing over the head, not really to the face. Not every shot was this way but a good percentage. I didn't have this issue with the previous two M&Ps I owned. Likely part of it was the fact I was using Federal Champion which is admittedly weak. That being said, the XDm ate that stuff from day one (I have to be honest). I'm leaving the slide locked back over night and next time I will try to bring some hotter ammo (I can barely find 9mm as it is). I honestly think the springs breaking in or hotter ammo will solve the issue given what I saw, but I will update accordingly.

Even with the ejection I was impressed, truly. My first M&P 9 fullsize felt like Russian roulette when I shot it, never could seem to get it down. But this felt very natural. Assuming the ejection works itself out I can see it becoming my daily carry.
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