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Having to go without for a time

In trying not to be to transparent on this post.
In this local area. Shortages were seen as far back as early last summer. Everytime the shelves went empty and were filled again a week later. There was an immediate .5 or .7% increase in product price. I speculate many like me who grew tired of that trend. (Short term shortages here and there and continuous price increases.) I chose at the time on my next re-orderings to intentionally buy larger quantity's in hopes to insulate myself from ever increasing higher prices and availability interruptions. I never once considered, "I was intentionally hording." I thought it was a smart thing to do. Those who didn't, couldn't, or never thought too. You may find yourself in a short term predicament. I honestly feel your pain as I went through the same circumstance myself once. (having to go without for a time)

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