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Wow great right up and even nicer guns. You've got the touch! I've heard that the tac sol mag relases are sloppy when there's a mag inserted is that true? What's the mag release in picture 2 I like its sleek look. I think I've finally picked everything out but haven't ordered anything yet, let me know what you think.
Thanks. I haven't found the Tac-Sol all that loose and it works. The beauty of the Tac-Sol lever is that all you have to do is extend the "expressive" finger of your shooting hand and the magazine drops out really speeding up reloads when you take an Appleseed course (recommended). Pic 2 shows a Kidd 2-stage trigger with matched Kidd mag lever style release.

Stock: boyds tacticool
Barrel: 18" .920 SS Green Mountain
Trigger: brimstone tier 2
Bolt: Que rework
Charging handle: kidd
Guide rod and spring: kidd
Bolt buffer: kidd
Magazine release: ???
Scope: ???
I plan to polish and jewl my receiver, bolt and trigger myself, should be a fun project. Any other advice or things I should add to the mechanicals?
Brimstone did two of my Mini-14s' triggers and they exceeded expectations. The bolt on the other hand is the very least important upgrade and can wait if it means freeing up more money for the trigger which is really a big deal.

For hunting scopes I like the Weaver RV7 2.5-7x28 rimfire, Leopold VX-1 2-7x28 rimfire, or a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 rimfire. These are good quality fast on target fixed focus scopes. For benchrest I like a Weaver V24 6-24x40 w/AO and for a compromise between a hunting and target scope either an RV9 3-9x32 rimfire w/AO or a V16 4-16x40 w/AO. Check Natchez for some great prices on the V16 and V24. #1 is wearing a Weaver RV9, #3 is wearing a Prostaff 3-9x40 rimfire, and #4 is topped by a Weaver V24 with a varmint reticle. Don't skimp on the quality of the scope!
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