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my 22 year old son has been waiting over half a year for a Savage Arms 110BA338 lapua for long range plinking by this i mean bagging the gong at 1000 meters and out we built a 1600 meter range and i understand that the firearm is on a long wait list here in west Canada but would he be better off with a Barret the only hands on i have with Savage is the 99c and 99e that i have had for 25 years inherited them.I am paying for this firearm as have a 1000 buck deposit on it the same store has a Barret 50 BMG sitting and the price is 2.5 x that of the savage i see 50 BMG rounds in a few stores here but no 338lapua I understand this is a round that is gaining use fast and would cost 1/2 as much as the 50 to shoot
Sombody is blowing smoke up your behind.
Wolverine Supplies has one in stock right now.
Cabelas Canada also has one in stock.
My local gun shop also has one in stock.
The only Barrett .50 cal available in Canada is a single shot.
It's not worth $4,300 IMHO.
A nice Barrett 98 Bravo or MRAD in .338 Lapua will cost you north of $6,000
I would march in there and get my deposit back if I were your son.
Who did he order it from?
If you want more info on where to find things in Canada PM me and I'll give you a few places to look.

Also the Savage 110 BA has had a few issues using 250gr Hornady ammo.
This would not prevent me from purchasing this rifle.
I have its baby brother the 10BA (.308)
Google is your friend

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