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I know that we don't have the same political climate in Canada but we in essence have the same supply chain.
In December after Sandy Hook I went to my shooting club that also sells reloading components and purchased 5,000 Small Pistol Primers which were on special for $26.00/k when you purchased 5,000.
I also purchased 5,000 Small Rifle Primers at the regular price since they were not on special.
I bought an 8lb jug of Varget for $200.00 which is the regular price and I ordered an 8lb jug of IMR XBR(8208) which I received this Tuesday for $209.00 which is also the regular price.

I didn't buy any pistol bullets since my club usually puts them on special during an upcoming competition and they have pallettes full of both 9mm and .45ACP.

I went to another LGS because my club doesn't sell rifle bullets and found a 500 pack of .30cal 168gr SMK's and a 500 pack of .30cal 180gr SMK's.
I wanted to buy both but they had 11 pmags on the shelf and I didn't want to break my budget so I only bought the 168gr.

I needed the Pmags for the 2 new AR's I bought both at regular prices.

What was the point of all this?
If something is for sale and someone is willing to pay the asking price it is not hoarding.
I did not go into the store and with 10 other people behind me empty the shelves.
If I wanted to buy 100,000 primers and they were there and available I see nothing wrong with it.
I am not rich and I do need to watch my money and I have sacrificed in other areas to buy enough reloading components to hold me over wherever I can.

I don't have enough 55gr .223 projectiles but I chose not to purchase LC bullets for $132.00/1,000 a few weeks ago and now they are selling the same bullets for $160.00/1,000.
These are the same bullets I was buying for $90.00 last year.
I only have myself to blame.

I have only been shooting for a little over 2 years now so I haven't had a chance to stock up over many years as others have.
I will be doing this when things get back to normal.
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