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Yeah, makes me mad too. I keep finding ammo there but they won't let me have it.

Why we don't sell in TN, GA, or AL

Over 21 years ago Natchez Shooters Supply was started as a wholesale distributor of reloading components. The entirety of our sales came from making local deliveries to dealers throughout Tennessee, and the northern Georgia and Alabama areas. It was upon this dealer foundation that Natchez Shooters Supply grew from a two man operation in the basement of a house into the large warehouse distributor that it is today.

Due to strong loyal commitments with our local dealers that have supported our business for over 21 years, we feel that it would be best if we did not compete with our them by selling directly to their customers. We will be offering links and contact information soon of dealers in TN, GA, and AL that loyaly support us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Natchez Shooters Supply
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