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If BWest is just the importer, it's good to go. If it's a B-West Manufacture, stay far away. Most weren't heat treated properly and the axis pin holes and trunion holes can become egg shaped over time. I'm not sure what your S&W is worth, but I wouldn't treat the B-West more than a parts kit that'll go bang for awhile. That said, with the costs of kits now-a-days, it still has some value (and with the craze, you could dump it if you needed to).

I had one for awhile that I bought before the 2004 ban ended, just because it was a "preban" but I dumped it after the ban because I don't like to keep guns I don't trust with my life (not that I need to, just a comfort criteria). Mine was misaligned and every other round it jammed - until a little jb weld on the feed ramp re-directed the rounds into the chamber, then it worked 100%. I still considered it a ticking time bomb though.

You could always have it rebuilt on a quality receiver (really the only junk part of it), if it started to fail and if you really wanted it.
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