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I belong to a very big gun club. I have never heard anyone say they would give up their guns no matter what is passed. If that is "holster rattling", then so be it. I am not advocating breaking any laws.
The mods here do a good job of keeping the discussions civil and reasonable, but go to some of the other sites, where every third poster has the "tree of liberty/blood of tyrants" quote as their signature, and I think you'll see the "holster rattling". Not only are a lot of guys willing to take on the entire federal government with their AR, they seem oddly excited about the idea.

There most certainly is "holster rattling". The term "civil war" came up during a conversation with a co-worker. She was just relaying what her family believes will happen. She's the daughter from a big farming family and I believe her family is a good representation of the sentiment in the rural areas. Of course, this worries me, 'cause I do enjoy my semi-Bourgeoisie life.

This administration has got to be one of the dumbest in history because rather than focusing on the economy, they are focusing on things like healthcare, gun control, gay-rights, immigration...etc. Not to give 'em any ideas, but well-fed employed consumers are a much easier sell. Get everyone working, fat, & happy, and this administration could probably pass gun control and all the other crap w/o any resistance.
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