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The term "moderate" is used by predominantly anti-gun, anti-self defense party representatives to describe opposition party representatives who might be be manipulated. The term "moderate" is seldom used to describe representatives of the predominantly anti-gun party.

The anti-gunners in congress have made a big deal about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and violent nutcases. At the same time they are opposed to involuntary incarceration or treatment for those same violent nutcases.

The guy who shot US Rep. Gifford is a nutcase, ditto for the guy who shot 70 people in a CO theatre, ditto again for Adam Lanza. The state of CT has some of the most draconian gun control laws in the US. Early last year the CT legislature turned down a bill that would have allowed for the involuntary treatment or incarceration of nutcases. It that bill had become law perhaps Nancy Lanza could have gotten treatment for her nutcase son.

Any "moderate" who compromises our Second Amendment rights should be voted out of office.
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