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Originally Posted by Apom
I'm all for background checks. I have no criminal background. I do not plan to commit any crimes in the future.

Mandatory background checks on all purchases would save lives. If this was not the case..then the current laws governing machine guns would not work..and schools, malls, and movie theaters would have higher casualty rates because the shooters would be using machine guns.

Which is what I dont understand.. why didnt the Aurora and SH shooters use machine guns? Its so easy to get them.
I understand your position, but I do not think comparing this situation with UBC to machine guns is a fair.I share some of your concerns, but I am not interested in the government tracking every gun transaction and by that creating what is a registry of all guns and gun owners in the country.

The process one has to go through to purchase a fully automatic weapon is a little more involved that what is being suggested with these background check laws. I think others have covered it already in this thread.

I don't plan on committing any crimes either, but, history tells us registration of guns can lead to easy confiscation of guns in the future. I don't trust the government with that information.

I would not have as much an issue with a "voluntary" system that did not require a trip to an FFL. The systems in VA already allow for submitting the paperwork via a computer. Designing a simple system that allowed an individual to run their own background check for a fee cannot be that hard to put together. A simple system that allowed a perspective buyer to enter all the information usually found on the standard forms and then that information could be processed as usual. When an approval is received that person can either print or collect some sort of UID that the buyer could then enter into the system to see that this person is eligible to buy a weapon. Enough info would need to be provided that ID could be verified. There is no need for the type or number of weapons to be recorded...unless our goal is registration. I say it should be voluntary because we all know criminals are not going to use the system anyway. If such a system were available and that system did not track gun type or serial number I would use it. I realize many gun owners/buyers would not and would probably want my head on a pike in the town square for even suggesting such a system. I don't buy and sell guns all that often, but when I have sold handguns I required the buyer to provide to have a CCW and to show it to me. That was just a personal choice and it has not created any issues for me at all. If people don't have one they don't buy the gun I was selling. I realize that is not a choice in every state.

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