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Own VS Use

Being compentant has noting to do with your right to own a firearm. I know people who own firearms that have zero traiing. They are family airlooms and as such never see a simgle round of ammo.

I lso know people who own firearms and have no formal SD training of any sort. I call them hunters. They all had to take and pass hunters safety to hunt legally and I am ok with that as well.

What worries me to a degree are those folkls who decide to get a firearm to defend life and limb and never seek professional training. Much of my professionl training came from friends and family in law enforcment and military. That as vaueale a evntuly led to me seeking out other profesonal course. The other mediums that you reccomend are all valuable as well. Books, forums, videos, magizines, and the like all have their place. In the end there is no substitute for the real thing (training that is god forid we ever have to do the real real thing!)

Many states require traininig prior to allowing someone to carry their firearm. But requireing them to pass training prior to ownership is a different story entirely.

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