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This is foreign territory to me. I've used a firearm since I was 12 and carried a firearm almost continuously for most of my adult life. For me, it's no different than putting on clothes or brushing my teeth.
I have 2 DIL who weren't raised in a gun packing/hunting environment. They're not anti-gun or afraid of firearms-they just don't have the experience to be comfortable,YET. I've also met several nonshooters and gave them the opportunity to change their misinformed status.
In the current round of maniacal buying, I've got to say there are many people who now own firearms w/o the knowledge required to safely handle those tools. On the other hand, there are folks who own cars w/o knowing how to drive but they ARE required to display knowledge and skill before being allowed to legally drive on public roads.
I can only hope that those inexperienced gun owners make some effort to learn how to safely manage their new equipment before we see a rise in accidents. Such accidents would/will no doubt be used as leverage against us later.
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