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A sad yet growing trend.....


Here is a response directly from the folks at this outfit (cheaperthandirt). After informing them that myself and our entire club (we went back and forth with civilized communication until this arrived) have decided to discontinue our patronage of their site. It saddened me and all of us to get this vehemently thrown "We don't care now, nor did we ever" statement.

I hope millions see this and heed the statement "Caveat Emptor" when searching the Internet for a loyal and stalwart partner with which to spend your hard earned cash. Remember this posting and the others like it. Below is the response I spoke of. Notice what they call the small business gun shop owner struggling to make it......Very poor character.

Response directly from their product support department is below and all in italics: (the link referred to in the first sentence is:

"Thanks for the link. I fear; however, that you do not understand the basic economic principles capitalism is based upon. We did not raise prices because on “greed”. We raised prices due to the sharp increase in demand after President Obama announced his intentions to pursue a ban on so called “assault weapons”. If prices had stayed static, we would have completely sold out, much like other retailers. Because our prices rose, we were able to keep high demand products in stock. The worst case scenario for any retailer is to be “sold out” of a product. Customers who were willing to pay these prices were able to obtain the goods they desired. Despite the higher prices, PMAG sales remained steady throughout the initial panic, and continue to do well.

Also, the idea that we do not support the second amendment is not true at all. We halted gun sales temporarily due to the insane number of orders we were receiving. We were essentially getting (for example) 10 orders for every single gun we had in stock. Our system could not keep up with the demand and then crashed. We revamped the system and got it back online as soon as we could, this time offering free shipping on all firearms orders.

Since that time, CTD has made a $100,000 donation to the Second Amendment Foundation, making us the first ever Diamond Level Supporter. We have also partnered with the NRA, promoting their $300 NRA life memberships. The Second Amendment has and always will be extremely important to CTD.

Link to SAF donation announcement:

Link to NRA memberships:

Firearms ownership is about defending and preserving your individual sovereignty from forces of coercion and violence. Many people, even the non political/non philosophical, understand this. Nobody wants to be a victim of theft or violence and ideally, nobody wants to be subject of any kind of authoritarian order that totally ordains the limits of personal freedom. Judging from the number of emails we have been getting, very few people understand that the reverse is also true: you are not entitled to enslave anyone else. As in, you are not entitled to anyone else’s labor or property. Your existence does not mean others are obligated to sacrifice themselves for you.

What doe this have to do with “price gouging”? There is no such thing as price gouging. There are only voluntary transactions between individuals. The cost of this transaction may change depending on the scarcity of goods in the market. If the scarcity of a product increase, it is reasonable that the price should increase. The small-time gun dealers that decided not to increase their prices were morons, however well-meaning they may be, because now they are going out of business or laying off workers because they never took economics 101 and don’t understand that they do not have the same volume of products available to sell to cover their overhead.

What made the $59 PMAG suddenly more immoral than the same PMAG at $12? Both, at each instance on the market, represented the price at which the seller was willing to voluntarily part with it. These prices represent a mutual interest in exchange. Whether at $12 or $59, the seller and the buyer both value each other’s property more than their own to the extent that they can voluntarily agree to trade.

Are you angry that prices are going up? I am too, but I am not directing my anger at firearm/ammunition traders. They are not responsible for this trend and they are only responding to economic incentives. If, however, you and the 309 members of your gun club feel that you are entitled to acquire a product at a certain price at the expense of the sovereignty of the person selling it (as in, they should consent to your demanded price) you are a tyrant. I do not care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc. I can’t blame you for your twisted sense of morality. Just understand that you are the enemy and you are just as dangerous to the culture firearms freedom advocates are trying to defend- that is, the preservation of personal sovereignty- as any gun-control advocate in Washington.

Kip Staton
Product Technician

Cheaper Than Dirt, Inc.
2524 NE Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76106

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