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OK Here's the deal:

OK Gents first off thanks for the answers.

First off next, Uncle Malice everything you said is very very similar to me. And I also agree, the polymer trigger assembly/guard for this 870 model(s) is in fact a benefit not a determent/position in need of upgrade. The 590A1 is absolutely awesome and a huge part (IMHO that is) is the classically classy and militaristically badaced parkerizing, and the metal trigger guard. BUT in this case its not something you seek out to switch, I have read more than just a few times that forum posters saying their LEO Department and armorers are replacing their 870P / Duty department 870s with the polymer trigger guard. It really can't accidentally break nor weather.

I did the exact same thing- OK Now here's the meat and potatoes. I redid all the processes on the extractor. Its working. I haven't shot it yet but its dry cycling fine. *I DO THINK* something is up because it doesn't have the same
'grip force' say when you start to cycle and feed a round slowly, the extractor doesnt 'snap' or 'bite' the rim of the shell does once and a while but not all the time. Other than that its okay. i am going to be ordering stuff from midwayusa soon, I am thinking about picking up a few Extractor Plungers and Extractor Plunger Springs and just replacing those two( it's like $4 and $6) and seeing it makes any difference, and then keeping spares. THE ONE THING I NEED A SECOND OPINION ON- maybe perhaps even a third- I was going to order the 870 Marine Magnum extractor plunger & extractor plunger springs rather than normal 870s because, MidwayUSA has them listed and they're not much at all more, I figured why not, must be a little better or something like that right?

Then I Googled it and read how, they will start an instant corroding reaction in the presence of an elecrolyte (read; a drop of simple water) and the two surfaces of metals will soon instantly corrode everything in its path. I am decently smart and fairly scientific but that schtuff was like 15 years back, I cant' be remembering corroding electrolytes and stuff. What gives?

OTHERWISE- I just installed the upgrades in total. Scattergun Technologies Tactical Magazine Spring & Follower (The 870P mag spring is not designed for the 7 shot Tactical its designed for a 5 shot 870P (4+1). Scattergun Tech is Wilson Combat for the uninitiated, and its great... bright yellow green follower is much much more stable and durable, have NOT LOST a shell capacity, so far so good in rugged reliability. Also did the shell lifter 'Carrier Latch Spring' or Carrier Dog Follower Spring... basically its an 1100 part put into the 870Ps, fairly simple. REALLY increases the tension/resistance on the lifter. And finally the Wilson Combat/Scattergun Tech oversized safety. Not too hard either. I watched videos on Youtube and and it was simple even for me.

So we will see how it goes in the immediate future and maybe the weekend after this one when I can hit the range. So far so good and I am happy, I have got almost perfectly completed on my '870 Tactical Magpul Police' lol . Up next is a local Cerakoter I found as soon as I have the money, i am also about to drop $1200 on a most likely AICS for my R700 but have not decided on the stock yet, 75% AICS 15% McMillan %10 HS Precision... 1 % field lol.
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