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Look At Da Patch

One of the things that I do with a new rife or when working up a load is to examine patches after their shot. At most ranges this is not a problem, just pick up your spent patches during the range brake. They will be 15 to 20 ft down range. If your range has a lot of muzzle loading activity put an X on your patch with a sharpie. Look at the contact marks on the patch. It should be a round dark ring around the patch with stripes from the rifling. If the patch is not sealing properly it will leave evidence. Unfortunately the best way to determine this is by comparing a patch from a rifle that is shooting properly. Signs of problems are: Patches that are smoking, patches that are cut or have any kind of hole, dark pattern that is not semetrical or even.
A good patch should show a good round seal that is very even. This also shows how good of job you do centering your pre-cut patch.
Not that this gas seal will change with different powder loads and along with accuracy is a good way to determine a maximum hunting load.
Your TC is capable of much better accuracy than 5” at 50 yards.
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