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Maximum Range of Henry, Spencer rifles

I'm working on a project involving the Wickenburg Massacre of 1871, in which the attackers fired on a stagecoach with Henry and Spencer rifles, some from as little as 6' away. I figure some firing angles could be as high as 45 degrees. I will be looking for expended bullets from this incident to verify the site and for display at Arizona museums. I would greatly appreciate it if some of the ballistic gurus here could tell me the absolute maximum range of the Henry rifle firing the .44 Henry Flat rimfire cartridge, and that of the Spencer rifle firing the .56-56 Spencer rimfire. I would hate to comb any more of the desert inch by inch with a metal detector than I have to!

Moderators, feel free to move this to C&R or Firearms Research as appropriate. I chose this forum for maximum exposure to those knowledgeable of rifle ballistics.

Additional information on the archaeological exploration of the massacre site is at

Thanks for the help!
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