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.300 Savage re-chamber

Thanks for the replys. I kind of figure there was a good reason(s) but had to ask. I didn't know about the .308 box magazine(99F?)and the 99 in that chambering are quite generic/homely in appearance as compared to the 99 in .300. Not too appealing for my likes. It's not a collector piece I want, there are plenty of them still for sale, some ridiculously high priced of course. It will be a hog and deer killer to be precise and since the .308 round is more attainable than the .300 from what I read, that was my thinking regarding the re-chamber.

I do not have at hand my Hornady reloaders guides so cannot read and compare ballistics and bullet types so would one of you post some comparisons using 130-150 grain data of both .300 and .308. Thanks again. Tom L
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