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Hello fellow shooters!

I'm a retired software developer living in the middle of Texas. I'm an avid shooter of rifles & handgun; handloader, hunter, fisherman, arrowhead hunter, shed hunter & general tinkerer of all sorts.

My favorite rifles are single shots (Ruger #1 & Browning 78) & a believer that the rem 700 is the best bolt gun ever made (JIMHO - LOL). My favorite handguns are my plain-Jane Colt 1911A1 & a S&W 19 .357 Mag. I have a CHL but only carry occasionally (I need to work on that problem). My favorite cartridges are .270 Win & .45 ACP.

I joined this site because I hope to tap into some experienced information that I need with handloading & "garage gunsmithing". Also, I'd enjoy some good comradery with other sportsman.

(BTW: when I look through the spotting scope & all the bullets are in one hole, I call it a BumbleBug - LOL)

Thanks for having me...
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