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I own 3 Taurus handguns:

PT92 9mm
PT100 .40 S&W
Model 85 .38 Spl.

The PT92 was made and purchased in 1991. The other 2 were made and purchased in 1993. All have been trouble free out of the box and good performers. By contrast, I purchased a new S&W model 29 Classic during the same period, and I had to send it back to S&W because the hammer would not fall in DA. SA was OK.

The PT92 and PT100 are every bit as accurate and reliable as my CZ 75's and Berettas in the same calibers. I keep the Model 85 snub as my bedside gun.

While I am completely happy with the older guns that I own, I would be disinclined to buy a Taurus of new manufacture. That many people can't be wrong all the time.
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