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I see no one liked my double mag matched AC41 P38 :P - thats ok though.

Its about time someone posted a broomhandle. Thanks.
Speak of the devil! A few months ago, a guy I know through a friend decided to sell a Broomhandle he had acquired. He told me it was a 9mm, and the SN was 36XXX. I researched it, and found out that was the correct SN range for the red 9 contract. During WWI, Germany needed more pistols, specifically lugers, and the German brass felt that the Mauser factory was under-utilized. They then commisioned Mauser to make the broomhandle in 9mm. The seller had said he felt it was a pre WWI commercial 9mm - which basically did not exist. I figured that he probably missed the very small Imperial proof mark on the right side of the chamber. The seller claimed the gun matched inside and out, including the grips. There were some variance with the grips, since some "red 9" stamps on the grips were possibly done at the factory, some were done by armorers, some were done near the front lines, etc. This was of course done to prevent someone from confusing a 9mm version with a 7.63 mm aka 30 mauser version.

I liked the condition - all original. The gun came with a repro stock.

Here is the small proof mark that the seller must have missed.

All matching, with the correct "NS" hammer. NS meant "Neue Sicherung" aka New Safety - the safety was in the up position for safe and the hammer had to be cocked to engage. This was a departure from the previous design.

Look - it transforms into an assault weapon!

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