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Kraigwy ... I've been using a 115gr RNFP in my .32-20 cases, but recently fell into some Fiocchi 7.62 X 38R brass and not using it is killing me. What bullet are you using?
I use a 90 grn .311 RN bullet from a Lee mold (actually throws 94 grans). I don't know what number, can't read it.

I size smaller and use the same bullet in my 30 cal Carbine. Plus my wife just bought a 32 H&R which I found I can use the same bullet.

As mentioned you can use the 32-20 brass. I chuck them in a lathe and trim off .010 off the back of the rim. You also have to run it through the sizing die to get it to work. Works but I don't like it. Its too short and the gas seal doesn't work.

I bit the bullet and bought a bunch of factory ammo with re-loadable brass, works better.

Another hint on loading the 7.62X38R. I use my carbide 30 cal Carbine die to size the brass. its .004 larger then the Nagant brass, (M1 Carbine base is .356, the Nagant base is .352). It doesn't seem to matter in my Nagant cylinder.
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