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You could do it the old fashioned way, which I think is outlined in the Nosler reloading book. Insert a cleaning rod (with solid tip attached) into barrel till it touches the face of the bolt (rifle needs to be cocked). While fully inserted, use a fine marker to put a line around the rod at the face of the barrel crown. Remove and sit rod aside. Remove bolt from action and drop a bullet into the action, where it will sit against the lands. Tap bullet gently with the cleaning rod so that it'll stay lightly wedged against the lands. Then take rod, insert from muzzle end (with solid tip attached) till it touches the tip of the bullet and again mark the rod with a fine marker. There is your max overall length, marked on the rod. Measure with calipers, but be sure to measure from the same side of both marks. This isn't as accurate as using the Hornady/Stoney Point tool, but if you're careful with marking and measuring, it's plenty accurate.
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