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RE: lots of things declaring that someone owns a firearm:
Originally Posted by Pigcheese
You applied for a CCW permit.
There's no requirement in my state that I own a gun to get my CHCL, or that I give the gov't any information on my firearms ownership to qualify. It may be reasonable to presume that I do, but unlike my tax documents, I don't have to swear under penalty of perjury that I own a gun.

Originally Posted by Pigcheese
You purchased a gun through an FFL dealer.
In theory, those records are held only by a private entity (the FFL), unless and until BATFE needs to look at them.

Originally Posted by Pigcheese
You had your background checked when you purchased a gun.
In theory (again), the NICS records are to be destroyed within (I think) 24 hours. (Someone who knows more about this than I, please clarify this one for me.)
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