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Originally Posted by Chris Van
I just have to ask, if you are "anti-gun", what brings you to a firearms discussion forum in the first place?
NoGun explained in in his opening post:
Originally Posted by NoGun
I feel after a title like that, a brief explanation is in order. I am not a gun owner, in fact, I have been debating the merits of gun ownership with a member of this site! In several of our arguments he looked up information posted here, and I was intrigued for a look into your "world." Therefore, I "stalked" (believe is the proper word), you all! I was surprised, and I mean no offense by it, to find the very intelligent and articulate group of individuals that makes up this forum.

I am not here to flame or troll, but I was hoping that maybe you could provide some perspective for an "outsider." And I look forward to discussions with you all.
There may be "plenty of anti-firearms forums" for NoGun to visit, but he chose to come here for a civil discussion. Frankly, we should take thses opportunities to rationally & civilly discuss our position with those who do not necessarily share our perspective. If we cannot or will not discuss it, we will never convince others that our perspective has merit. If I've said it once, I've said it a dozen times: Right now, the gun community needs good ambassadors. This is a chance to be one.
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