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Some things that should be considered in modifying a 10-22:

The mainspring is a weak part of the design. As the gun gets dirty, FTFs can occur due to a combination of weak spring, wide firing pin nose, and generous headspace. Nobody should put in a weaker hammer spring because even if you don't experience FTFs, weak firing pin strikes may result in inconsistent ignition and poor accuracy, especially vertical stringing on targets.

The firing pin nose narrowing is easy to fix, if you know what you're doing. Likewise, the headspace can be reduced by grinding or milling the boltface, very carefully, but not less than .042" headspace, or slamfires can occur.

There are lots of other mods that can increase accuracy, including pillar bedding, but don't try this rifle as your first. It can get glued-in very easily, and the stock can be damaged when trying to remove the action.

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