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BTW - I use mine as a very expensive hole punch - to put lots of round holes in sheets of paper at the range
Same here. If guns are "only meant for killing people", then I've been horribly misusing mine for the past 30 years!

On a more serious note - NoGun, I'm a little bit disturbed by your statement "the constitution was framed in a different time. Firearms, and the best, were absolutely necessary then. The same is not so true today."

The idea that a fundamental right, specified in the Constitution, should somehow 'expire' or no longer apply just because society has changed is absolutely wrong. It's in the same vein as people who say "the internet has made privacy obsolete", or "why are you worried about being searched, if you have nothing to hide?"

We have to protect ALL of our rights, even the ones we don't think we "need", because once they're given up, we're not likely to get them back again.
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