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Quote by NoGun...
"I think (unfortunately?), we are past the stage where any civilian-available weaponry will prevail against tanks, artillery, drones, air strikes, etc.."

Your quote sounds similar to the old saying that "if rape is inevitable you may as well lay back and enjoy it." All through out history freedom loving people have defended themselves with inadequate tools for defense. This is no reason to just give up and let someone oppress you. On a sheer population basis there are more people on Earth today living under political and religious oppression than in all history.

Also, you might want to look back at recent history. The whole might of the USSR and the United States military, argueably the finest military in the history of mandkind, has not been able to totally defeat the resistance in Afganistan.

I would bet $10 that if you looked back into your family history, no matter where they came from, someone refused to be made a servant of another and give up their freedoms. Without their actions you might not be here now.

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