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Taser, really? In my state they aren't legal, thus it leaves guns. Further, a taser is not going to do much against a guy in heavy winter clothing where it may not even penetrate. A gun is your best defense. Sure when the bad guys break into your house you can call 911. If you are super lucky the cops will be there in two minutes (not in the real world in most places), so what are you going to do for those 120 seconds? That's right you will bleed out so the cops can draw a nice chalk outline around you when they get there.

There are very few legal gun owners that actually ever shoot another human, they have them for insurance. Do you want to have one, maybe not, but don't tell me I can't have insurance. Do you have have homeowners insurance? You don't need to have it (unless you have a mortgage) but it is probably a good choice to have it cause you never know. The same goes for a gun - I don't expect to ever have to use it against a BG, but it is sure nice to know it is there just incase.

BTW - I use mine as a very expensive hole punch - to put lots of round holes in sheets of paper at the range
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