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My question is thus:

Why, with all the non-lethal self defense options out there today, do you still believe in the right to own modern (semi-automatic) firearms?

Let's use Air Tasers as an example, they are purported to have a 95% stop ratio, which is I believe better than firearms. They can fire multiple shots (3 or more?), they can be as easily reloaded as a common handgun, and they can also be used as a very effective contact weapon.

I know this example is not perfect (I've seen the youtube videos), but neither are guns, from what I'm reading here. It appears, at least to me, to be a very viable alternative to firearms, poses virtually no risk to bystanders, can't be used effectively for mass murder, and if used, will save you from most of the legal trouble most here seem to be worried about.

I am I totally wrong here?
Yes, you are totally wrong, and I do not mean any disrespect in saying this. First, the "right" to own modern firearms is a right that has nothing to do with self defense or hunting. It is a "check" against a tyrannical government that refuses to adhere to the constitution, ignore the rule of law and oppress its people. Joe Biden's 2-shot shotgun plan simply doesn't cut it. This right is every bit as important as the right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, freedom or religion (or no religion), freedom of assembly and all of the other rights guaranteed to us as citizens of the US. This means that we, the people, must be permitted to own the same kind of firearms as those that are hired by us to police us.

Second, lets address just self-defense. A taser is basically a one-shot (or two-shot at best) device that may or may not work on an attacker. They are easily defeated by certain kinds of clothing. They are useless on multiple attackers. Just ask any police officer in LA or Detroit if they would feel comfortable carrying JUST a taser. If that was a requirement, you would have no cops, because who the heck is going to risk their life with just a taser to defend them?

What about stun guns? Ever see the movie Jackass? That's what stun guns are good for - pranksters. Because, you can train (and gangs do train) to defeat stun guns.

Pepper spray might be effective, or it might not be. It is less likely to be effective against those that have experience with tear gas and/or having been sprayed with pepper spray. In other words, experienced rapists, gang-bangers, and thugs will know how to effectively defeat this stuff too.

Well, that's about it for "less lethal" means of protection in a self defense situation. If you don't believe me, do a little research and see how high violent criminal attacks have become commonplace in the UK where guns and most knives have been completely banned. Of course, criminals still have knives and other weapons, its just the law abiding citizens that can't have them. Is that the kind of society you want to live in? One where you are completely defenseless, except if/when you can find a police officer to protect you?
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