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Regarding the incident at walmart, I didn't contact any manager. SHE (the manager) came at the request of the lying associate, locked the cabinets and supported the department associates. She WAS the store Director. I worked in retail sales management for years. The most pointless thing you can do is go over the SD to corporate district managers. I'm not angry or deep down in me TRULY surprised by the fact that they were indeed doing it, I's wal-mart, what do you expect?

I was just surprised that a claim made on the internet was true.

maggys drawers your close, but I don't think it's anyone's private purchase stash. I thinks it's the stores ammunition stock they hide when it comes in and more of "ya want 9mm? I got 9mm....I'll sell you a box through the register at store price but it'll cost you $10"

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