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I guess some facts to also point out are:

1. Tasers have a range of 15ft cords or 35ft cords. They have yet to invent one that shoots farther. As far as I know there are only one shot tasers... with three prongs that I know of, but you would have to carry extra cartriges which are very expensive. Also tasers are very prone to static discharge. I have seen many pictures as I have done many reports on tasers of someone loading a cartrige and it automatically shooting into their own hand. Or imagine if you were carrying more in a bag that could go off as well. I do however think that their effectiveness is great, but they also have major limitations. When the come out with their shotgun taser round that has been in developement for years, and if it becomes available to civilians. We would have much greater non-lethal options.

2. When the constitution was written, civillians were able to obtain any and all equipment the military had, including cannons. And they DID own them. Some that could afford it at least.

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