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I am certainly not in favor of forced UBC of any type. If I were in favor, my question would be how is this law enforceable? Like many of you, I own many guns today. None of those guns are registered and even if a law enforcement agency tracked the serial number through the system back to the dealer or individual that sold them to me they would then have to prove I did not transfer the firearm prior to the date a UBC law was enacted. If I hand my neighbor a gun and he were caught with that gun doing something illegal, assuming he would not testify against me, how would the government meet their burden of proof with evidence that an illegal transfer took place?

That question is why I always assumed any UBC law would quickly be modified to include full registration of all firearms. If some UBC law passes that does not include forced record keeping requirements then the government would have the same issue with proving an illegal transfer took place going forward.

My concern is that the federal law, if passed without registration, would either be modified to include registration or record keeping via executive order or through further legislation at some point in the near future.
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