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I have had some scratched dies ( I now use a universal decapper & clean my cases, before I resize ) ( some die makers blame nickel cases for the scratched die surfaces, so I'm curious if you have been loading nickel cases )... most times, the scratches, if not too deep will fire form out of your brass, however if kinda deep, it can cause the cases to split upon firing...

also a word of caution about polishing out your sizer die... if the die is dirty, you won't do any harm cleaning it, but if you have some actual "scratches" in your die, you need to be carefull not to polish out the diameter of your die too much, in the case of something like 9mm, it could cause .001 - .002" bigger diameter cases, & a failure to feed if you have a tight chamber...

I generally will try cleaning the die, but if I have something with deep enough scratches, I toss it...
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