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NoGun-You say guns are meant to kill???..Where did you come up with that Idea?. Gun's can be used to kill,but where not made to kill,They are for self defense or preservation. Gun's to me are another recreational item to pass time,accuire skill's and have lot's of fun. I carry because of a few reason's. The world is not getting better,I am over 50 with a bad back and over weight. I can not run as fast as I used too. God forbid that I ever have to use it in self defense,but I do still value my life and my Family's life very much. To this day I could have left my carry at home and it would have made no difference in my life,but someday that might not be the story. I don't know how old you are,but as I stated I am over 50 and have seen where this world is going. I still live in a town where you shake hands with the police man In church every Sunday,but lot's here do not have that comfort.
I shoot paper only with my rifles. I do not hunt any more as I have lost the intrest in it. We ( hope this is ok with all members in here) as a group of gun lovers in here are not the problem,It's the bad guy's that have guns that are the problem. Your taser means nothing when looking down the barrel of some gun with a deranged person behind the trigger. On a side note--- You taser someone with a pace maker--- you have just killed him. So your taser is a deadly weapon now.
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