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1911 FTE problems

I have a Kimber Target II SS in 9mm. I had a few failure to lock open on the last round issues that went away around 4-600 rnds. When I got up to the 1100 or so count it came back intermittently. Careful cleaning and living with the issue kept me shooting well into the 2000's before I got fed up with the problem. I was also noticing that the slide was closing slow under fire. I could actually see it hanging before it would shut. Figured it must be time for new recoil spring. Changed the recoil spring to a wolf progressive #14 (factory spec) and while I was at it I changed the slide lock to a WC trying to get some change. I used light lithium grease (sprayed onto cardboard then dabbed on with a cocktail stray) on the slide and link. Went to range. I got about 5 shots in and FTE. Racked it, fired, FTE. Changed ammo (I was shooting reloads) Racked it, FTE, again, FTE. So I assumed the grease was an issue. Field stripped, wiped everything out and re-assembled dry. FTE, rack, FTE, etc... I used 125gr LRN reloads over 4gr of HP238, 115gr Federal ball, and some HP speer +P stuff. Results were the same across the board.
Note: A few weeks back I was given some Blazer alum that had been wet. I fired a few and the cases were blowing apart. Stopped shooting them. Gun was filthy but appeared undamaged.

I am waiting on a spring pack from #10-#15 and I plan to start with a fresh #14 and step down until I get a working gun.

Has anyone had any similar issues? Any other ideas what I should be doing or trying? Weather is getting nice and I want to be shooting steel comps, this gun isnt up to the job.
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