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I'll have to get a pic of my rifle... ( all this info according to my retired builder buddy ) it looks to have been issued to an eastern block country ( a couple stamp marks )... the sides of the reciever have had some of the pits polished out, but they were carefull not to polish out the crown & other stamp marks on the side of the reciever, & it was then reblued... so the carbine is not in "original" condition anyway, but it does look nice... it does have the brass disk on the butt stock, but, while I didn't look it over that close, any numbers on it would have to be really faint, as I didn't notice what the stampings are... before I bought it, I questioned weather it was a "Kyber Pass" gun, as I'm familiar with them, but my buddy is sure it's a "real" Enfield...

I discussed it again with my buddy, yesterday, & I think we are going to rechamber in 30-30... I mentioned my thought of keeping it in 303, but using a .308 barrel, & he was concerned about someone down the road stuffing a standard ( high pressure ) 303 round in the gun with the tighter bore... ( we always try to think past my ownership with any of our "project" guns, & that's a valid concern, plus my buddy doesn't have a 30-30 reamer, so he'd credit that much of the labor if I let him keep the reamer after the rifle is done...

so... we're going to the local gun smith shop this weekend, to see if they have a 30 caliber take off barrel that will work, if not, I'll pick up a new blank from Midway, & get a reamer coming...

as far as the rear sight, the one on my rifle, is in tough shape, plus has been brazed in place, ( brazing won't take blueing, so it stands out alot on the reblued rifle ) but my buddy has a match for mine, in much better shape, & with the same barrel contour ( as I mentioned, he likes working on them, & has enough parts laying around... ( minus the wood ) to put together at least 3 rifles... so I'm glad my wood is in great shape, he's also very good at silver soldering, & I'm sure could keep the solder where it's supposed to be rather than ( like the braze ) have it flowed out a 1/4" around the edges of the sight, so it should blue up like the original was supposed to be...

BTW... I also have Contender loads in 30-30 that I load using pointed bullets, which should work nicely in this rifle ( being a single shot )
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