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No gun

I carry a Taser and a firearm every day as I am a Deputy Sheriff. I can tell you from personal experience that A Taser does not work all the time no matter what you may have heard. If what you say about Tasers were true than I would not need a gun but we do not have a phaser set to stun yet. What you write is out of ignorance because you have never been on the pointy end of the stick as it were. I hope that you and your family never have to face the bad things that are in this world. But as for me and mine, been there done that. I will always carry a gun to protect myself and my family even when I retire from this line of work. I will tell you that criminals run in packs because they are cowardly by nature. So if you think that Tasing one of them will stop an attack you are wrong most of the time plus you will just make the rest of them angrier. However if you draw and point a gun at them all the bravado just goes away most of the time. I hope that you will not respond that because I’m a Deputy that of course I should have a gun because I have been on many a call where a citizen with a firearm ended the problem before I got here.
I do agree that if you cannot kill someone than you have no business carrying a firearm.

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