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Has firearms training made you more aware in other areas?

I don't know if this is the right forum but it feels right to me.

Anyways, something I noticed is that after a few trips to the range I've started becoming more aware of my surroundings and operating safety in other situations.

For instance, I'm a fairly new driver, but I noticed earlier I was treating the gearshift like a manual safety. Safety on (in park), foot on the brake ( finger off the trigger ) and checking for people around to make sure nobody's in the danger zone just like with a gun barrel. I know most of this is standard procedure (and probably worrisome if I didn't do it) but after using guns for a little bit it became instinctual and made so much more sense. I think realizing the power guns have gave me an appreciation for them. However, I also know that many more people are killed in car accidents than accidents with firearms and so I began treating that with the same level of respect I would as if it were a loaded gun.

Also, I've been carrying a little self-defense keychain as if I had a concealed carry firearm (since I'm not old enough to have one yet) and really looking at all my surroundings as if I might have to use the weapon regardless of if it's a little plastic thing or a .44 magnum. My parents grew up in a very rough neighborhood where people would get mugged and jumped and they've told me my whole life to watch the people around me and have always been the first people to pull us away into a store or whatever the case may be if there's something suspicious. But lately I've caught things even they haven't and I've noticed in conversation that if I talk about events that just happen I'm much better at keeping track of people I've passed and even what cars we've driven by and about where on the road they should be (as a passenger as well as a driver).

It could just be that I'm getting involved in things that involve more situational awareness but I really think training safely with a firearm has made me safer and more aware of my surroundings in every regard.
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