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Ammo, Guns, Canned Goods, Gasoline, Toilet Paper.

If you practice a "just in time" buying philosophy, you will be occasionally at the mercy of market shortages (real or artificial).

The dividing line between being a hoarder who is part of the creation of an artificial shortage or just being prepared for the ups and downs of supply availability is a judgement call. A year's supply of toilet paper? Week's supply of drinking water?

My city's disaster planning suggests we be prepared to subsist on stored food, water and medical supplies for at least 3 days for a disruption in supply lines. My opinion is that is WAY to short. Does that make me a prepper?

If there were a total shutoff of ammo, primers, powder and ball, I could still shoot for 4-5 months before I ran out of rimfire and centerfire metalllic ammo. Longer if I cut down my shooting schedule. But Skeet and Trap would see me out in two range trips. (I don't load shotshells.) My shooting buddy would be out of shotshells in one.

In short, what you have as a "hoard" or simply as a "cushion" is a judgement call.

Conjugate this adjective:

I am unique.
YOU (my friend) are strange.
HE (the jerk) is a wierdo.

Or this one:

I hold firm views.
YOU (my friend) are stubborn
HE (the jerk) is pig-headed.

I am lubricated
YOU (my friend) are intoxicated
HE (the jerk) is blotto

I am prepared for emergencies
YOU (my friend) are paranoid
HE (the jerk) is a raving lunatic

Point of view.

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