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Sorry - by "inflated prices", I mean the price increases that are a direct result of the current shortage. Primers didn't double in price in the last four months because of regular currency inflation.

I don't know if your post was directed at me, but I'm in fine shape, ammo-wise. I reload everything I shoot (except for .22lr, obviously). I'm on the backorder list for a set of 9mm dies, and my first 9mm bullets should arrive later this week, but that's because prior to last month, I didn't own anything chambered in that caliber.

I haven't called anyone a "hoarder" or a "prepper" - I'm just pointing out that if you're stocking up more than a year or so in advance, and paying "shortage-elevated" prices in order to do so, that doesn't make much sense unless you truly believe that the current shortage is *never* going to end.
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