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What constitutes a "hoarder" or a "prepper"?

You say these things like they were a bad thing .....

If you plan on shooting much, you had best plan ahead a bit .....

You don't suppose the .gov is trying to lessen the supply/raise the cost/reduce the number of shooters by buying up ammunition in BILLION ROUND LOTS, do you? as a sid effect ot the above, you have casual, on box a month shooters getting mad at the guys who buy 10 boxes whenever it available ....... yet don't bat an eye when the .gov buys 1.4 BILLION rounds with their Grandchildren's money ....... If one were a Statist, it'd be a win/win/win!

How about this: Instead of throwing labels around, blaming others for your lack of foresight, you figure out what YOU can do top make sure you have ammo ...... do you handload? Do you conserve ammo when doing drills? DO YOU DRYFIRE?

You should watch YOUR lane. Take care of that, and then worry about what the .gov is requiring of you. What somebody else is doing with their private property should be way down the list of your priorities,
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