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Well the first time I ever held a gun was shooting a javelina in South Texas, and of course my dad didn't bother to tell me when you look through a scope you don't put your eye on it. I still want to know how he explained the black eye to my mom. After that he got me a single shot .22/410 that you could switch the barrel out on. Between that and a Ruger 10/22 he got me a couple years later I probably put enough rounds through them that if I found all the brass I shot I could probably buy a car. After shooting his Mini-14 the .22s got boring real quick so I quit shooting for a while and after Obama got elected again I was ****** off and went and got a S&W Model 28 because I figured he was going to try and ban guns and I should better have something, and after shooting the a gun for the first time in probably 10 years I went off the deep end and now I'm completely obsessed with guns. But I remember hating my 410 because I was little and it kicked to bad for me, and I got my first 12 gauge a month ago and after a 100 round box of those bulk 12 gauge shells from Wal-mart I realized I've completely changed my mind with recoil. Now I want a 10 gauge too.

Also the closest I've ever come to having a BB gun is my cousin having one and shooting me with it and I dug the BB out of my arm with a knife so I wouldn't have to tell my parent and get in trouble.
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